The ASBA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness of contemporary botanical art, to honoring its traditions, and to furthering its development.

The vision of the ASBA is to recognize and encourage the highest standards of botanical art created by its members; to create an awareness of botanical art as a living art form with exhibitions in major museums around the globe; to acknowledge the power of botanical art to communicate the importance of plants to our world whether through conservation, science, horticulture or agriculture; to pass this art form and its techniques on to the next generation of botanical artists; and to expand the vision of botanical art while honoring its rich tradition and history.

I am delighted to have been awarded the 2010/11 Julius I Brown Artists and Education Award of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) of which I became a member in July 2010 ( The Award was granted to finance a project I submitted to ASBA called "Botanical Art as a means to build emotional wellbeing and quality of life of mentally challenged people". A series of 8 classes is currently underway for 10 students as part of an occupational therapy program at the Pedralbes xxxxx, Barcelona, Spain. Inspiration for the project design came from my own realisation that without doubt, one of the most fulfilling aspects of botanical art is the sense of emotional wellbeing that can be derived from the personal "journey" that each work entails. Much of this derives, I believe, from the fact that the creative process draws on a complex interplay between conscious and sub-conscious thought through study and observation of nature, its representation and application.

I look forward to posting some of the work on a special section of this website shortly and reporting on progress at the annual conference of the ASBA in Boston in October 2011.

I would like to learn more from this experience and build long-term programs with other occupational therapy groups to explore the potential psycho-spiritual wellbeing that can be derived from the observation and representation of nature through botanical art.

My thanks once again to the ASBA for making this project possible.

For more information on this project please contact me.