Ophrys arachnitiformis ssp occidentalis

Watercolour on Arches 100% cotton Aquarelle. 57 x 76cm.

This painting was published in March 2011 edition of the American Society of Botanical Artists quarterly Journal. The species is the earliest to flower of the several Ophrys species growing in Northern Spain. It is relatively common on roadside verges with peak flowering during the latter half of March. There is a huge diversity in the morphology and colour of the flowers in the local populations and hybrids with other species are frequently found. The aim of this work was to depict some of that diversity.
There are also changes in the nomenclature of species within this genus, and choosing the right name gets confusing. Thanks to Karel Kreutz, Günther Blaich (http://www.guenther-blaich.de/) and members of the Ophrys web-community in France (http://ophrys.bbactif.com/) for their enthusiasm and guidance on what to call this.

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